Thermal Imaging

Employing New Technology

As an established professional inspection firm, I strive to stay atop the ever- changing technical advances in this industry. I look to utilize the advancements that will benefit our clients and those whom represent them. For the last two years I have found that Infrared technology is one of these advances that truly benefits all involved. With proper training of the inspector, a variety of previously undetectable issues can be investigated. This, in turn, leads to greater client satisfaction and an increase in positive feedback to other.

Missing Insulation

With the use of Infrared technology during my inspections it is possible to inspect the exterior walls and ceilings of a home, locating any areas of missing insulation. This information is invaluable for increasing a home”s energy efficiency.

Over-Heating Breakers

Now we can see more than just the common defects in an electrical panel. With the use of an Infrared camera, I am able to locate defective breakers, helping to eliminate costly calls to the electrician and interruption of service in the home.

Fully Functioning AC Unit

It is not all about defects. It is great to be able to show things like the AC exterior unit and inside registers are operating correctly. These are issues that typically concern buyers. I can show them a real time visual reference of how these systems operate within the home .